Capability Delivery Plans & Status

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Showing status of 182 use cases:
Use Case / CDPFirst ProposedMost Recent VersionOrganizationImplementation StatusImplementation ComponentsIssues to be AddressedIssues Remaining
CAN-01: Run a remote job2016-11-10XSEDEPARTIAL202
CAN-02: Managed data transfer2016-06-012016-06-01XSEDEPARTIAL602
CAN-03: Remote File Access2016-06-01XSEDEPARTIAL102
CAN-04: Open a command shell on a login server2016-06-01XSEDEPARTIAL510
CAN-05: Record and summarize the use of a service2018-08-242018-08-24XSEDEFULL100
CAN-06: Authenticate with an application2017-12-14XSEDEPARTIAL613
CAN-07: Subscribe to resource status information2016-04-21XSEDEFULL200
CAN-08: Search for resource information2016-04-21XSEDEFULL400
CAN-09: Establish and manage a community identity2017-08-24XSEDEPARTIAL402
CAN-11: Publish resource status updates2016-04-21XSEDEFULL300
CAN-12: Update resource information2016-04-21XSEDEFULL400
CB-01: InCommon-based Authentication2016-11-22XSEDEPARTIAL103
CB-02: Share the public research computing “environment” with campus resources2018-08-312018-08-31XSEDEPARTIAL102
CB-03: Remote desktop services for researchers2018-08-242018-08-24XSEDEFULL100
CB-04: Access campus research data from a community resource2018-08-242018-08-24XSEDEFULL300
CB-05: Workflow automation combining community and campus resources2018-08-312018-08-31XSEDENONE001
CB-06: Sharing computational facilities among campusesNO CDP
CB-07: Support for commercial service providersNO CDP
CB-08: Use a community login service with campus login servers2017-01-23XSEDEPARTIAL710
CB-09: Access a community data collection from campus2018-08-242018-08-24XSEDEPARTIAL301
CB-10: Synchronize research data between campus and community resources2018-08-242018-08-24XSEDEPARTIAL301
CB-11: Archive research data on a community resource2018-08-242018-08-24XSEDENONE001
CB-12: Setup monitoring and usage reporting for a campus HPC resource2018-09-072018-09-07XSEDEFULL000
CB-13: Provide a simple interface to access any of the high-throughput computing queues available to a campus2019-01-152019-01-15XSEDENONE021
CB-14: Submit tasks to any of the high-throughput computing queues available to a campus2019-01-152019-01-15XSEDENONE022
CB-15: Develop an application or gateway that submits tasks to any of the high-throughput computing queues available to a campus2019-01-152019-01-15XSEDENONE022
CB-16: Build a cluster using a community guide or toolkit2019-09-202019-09-20XSEDEFULL200
CB-17: Obtain a list of individuals at a specific campus who have allocations2020-03-202020-03-20XSEDEFULL100
CB-18: Obtain a list of individuals at a specific campus who have used science gateways2020-03-202020-03-20XSEDENONE001
CI-01: Access system information2017-04-26XSEDEFULL200
CI-02: Manually publish system information2017-04-21XSEDEPARTIAL420
CI-03: Automate changes to system information2017-04-21XSEDEFULL200
CI-04: Publish current and desired system capabilities, their availability, and their implementation status2018-08-182018-08-18XSEDEFULL100
CI-05: Discover current and desired system capabilities, their availability, and their implementation status2018-08-182018-08-18XSEDEFULL100
CI-06: Rate the priority or quality of a community need or contribution2018-08-182018-08-18XSEDEFULL100
CI-07: Discuss a community activity2018-08-182018-08-18XSEDEFULL100
CI-08: Conduct an engineering review of a community contribution2018-08-182018-08-18XSEDEFULL100
CI-09: Discover and inspect system capabilities currently under development2018-08-182018-08-18XSEDEFULL100
CI-10: Discover and review engineering documents for a specific capability or component2018-08-182018-08-18XSEDEFULL200
CI-11: Manage the source code, documentation, and installable packages for a capability2018-08-182018-08-18XSEDEFULL100
CI-12: Learn about a community2020-03-202020-03-20XSEDEFULL000
CI-13: Learn about a community's resources for researchers2020-03-202020-03-20XSEDEFULL100
CI-14: Learn how to provide services within a community2020-03-202020-03-20XSEDEFULL000
CI-15: Access a directory of people and groups within a community2020-03-202020-03-20XSEDEFULL000
CI-16: Publish batch hardware, configuration, and status information2021-07-30XSEDEFULL300
CI-17: View usage data for community resources2022-05-062022-05-06XSEDEFULL200
DA-01: Discover data analysis resources and documentation2016-06-202020-04-14XSEDEFULL400
DA-02: Prepare data for analysis2016-10-052020-04-14XSEDEPARTIAL410
DA-03: Analyze data from research instruments2018-08-312018-08-31XSEDEFULL500
DA-04: Analyze data generated by a simulation2018-08-312018-08-31XSEDEFULL500
DA-05: Steer a large computation while it runs2018-08-312018-08-31XSEDEFULL200
DA-06: Time-critical data analysis2021-03-23XSEDEPARTIAL110
DA-07: Run an interactive data science application using a community resource for back-end computation2020-11-252020-11-25XSEDENONE010
DM-01: Create and share a data collection2018-09-052018-09-05XSEDEFULL500
DM-02: Coordinated computing with a shared data collectionNO CDP
DM-03: Automate data ingestion from a set of sensors or instrumentsNO CDP
DM-04: Migrate data to a new resource2018-10-022018-08-31XSEDEFULL300
DM-05: Manually create metadata for a data object2018-08-312018-08-31XSEDENONE010
DM-06: Run a researcher-supplied tool to generate metadata for data objects2018-08-312018-08-31XSEDENONE010
DM-07: Automatically extract metadata from data objects2018-08-312018-08-31XSEDENONE010
DM-08: Store metadata for later use2018-08-312018-08-31XSEDENONE010
DM-09: Search metadata for specific objects of interest2018-08-312018-08-31XSEDENONE010
DM-10: Add metadata search features to an application2018-08-312018-08-31XSEDENONE010
DM-11: Post-allocation data access2018-08-012020-05-04XSEDEPARTIAL310
DM-12: Large-scale data transferNO CDP
DM-13: Small-scale data transfer2019-10-022021-11-01XSEDEPARTIAL220
DM-14: Scrape public websites to gather dataNO CDP
DM-15: Transfer data between a researcher's cloud storage and a community storage system2020-11-25XSEDEPARTIAL201
FCI-01: VO authentication (myProxy services)NO CDP
FCI-02: Pilot job submission (set up CE)NO CDP
FCI-03: Software installation (CVMFS)NO CDP
FCI-04: Data management (set up SE)NO CDP
FCI-05: Set up full PanDA site (incl. DB access)NO CDP
FCI-06: Use as ATLAS production siteNO CDP
FI-01: Conduct a high-throughput computing project using resources from multiple communitiesNO CDP
FI-02: Supply an organization’s research information technology information to an aggregation service2021-02-052021-02-05XSEDEFULL400
FI-03: Build a research information technology discovery service that lists services from multiple organizations2021-02-052021-02-05XSEDEFULL100
FI-04: Discover research information technology offered by multiple organizations2021-02-052021-02-05XSEDEFULL300
GRP-01: Researcher manages membership of a project group2018-08-242018-08-24XSEDEFULL100
GRP-02: Manually create a group2017-11-15XSEDENONE013
GRP-03: Manually view or manage the configuration or membership of a group2017-11-15XSEDENONE012
GRP-05: Invite members to a group2017-11-15XSEDENONE013
GRP-06: Request membership in a group2017-11-15XSEDENONE013
GRP-09: Synchronize an external group2017-11-15XSEDENONE013
GRP-10: Automate a group's configuration2017-11-15XSEDENONE012
GRP-12: Use groups to control access within a resource2017-11-15XSEDEPARTIAL210
GRP-14: Use a group to control access within an application2017-11-15XSEDENONE012
GRP-15: Use a group for task assignments within an application2017-11-15XSEDENONE011
GRP-16: Use a group for email distribution2017-11-15XSEDENONE011
GRP-17: Drive project membership with an email message2017-11-28XSEDENONE010
HPC-01: Use a single HPC resource for a research project2016-09-21XSEDEFULL1100
HPC-02: Use two or more HPC resources for a research project2016-09-21XSEDEFULL1100
HPC-03: Use a workflow system to conduct a project on HPC resourcesNO CDP
HPC-04: Submit jobs to a discounted job queue where they might be interrupted2021-03-23XSEDEPARTIAL110
HPC-05: Review performance metrics for one’s own use of a community resource2020-11-25XSEDEPARTIAL110
HPC-06: Submit and manage jobs on a community resource using a web-enabled device2020-11-252020-11-25XSEDEPARTIAL110
HPC-07: Upload, download, and edit files on a community resource using a web-enabled device2020-11-252021-11-01XSEDEPARTIAL210
HPC-08: Discover batch hardware, configuration, and status information2021-07-30XSEDEFULL200
HTC-01: Run a set of independent jobs on an HTC resourceNO CDP
HTC-02: Run a set of interrelated jobs on an HTC resource2018-08-312018-08-31XSEDEPARTIAL101
HTC-04: Run a set of interrelated jobs on several HTC resources2018-08-312018-08-31XSEDEPARTIAL101
IAAS-01: Request to use an IaaS host for research2018-08-242018-08-24XSEDEFULL200
IAAS-02: Self-service acquire and use a virtual computer system2018-08-242018-08-24XSEDEFULL100
IAAS-03: Self-service acquire and use a hosted storage volume2018-08-242018-08-24XSEDEFULL100
IAAS-04: Request and use a virtual cluster2018-08-242018-08-24XSEDEFULL100
IAAS-05: Publish a virtual computer system or storage volume2018-08-242018-08-24XSEDEFULL100
IAAS-06: Discover a relevant computer system or storage volume2018-08-242018-08-24XSEDEFULL100
IAAS-07: Create an instance of a published computer system or storage volume2018-08-242018-08-24XSEDEFULL100
IAAS-08: Dynamically acquire and manage hosted computer systems and/or storage volumes2017-11-162018-08-26XSEDEFULL100
IAAS-09: Reliably acquire and manage hosted computer systems and/or storage volumes2018-08-222018-08-22XSEDENONE001
IAAS-10: Add a science gateway operator to an API-enabled IaaS allocation2019-07-172019-07-17XSEDEFULL200
IAAS-11: Protect a virtual cluster by creating a bastion host2019-10-232019-10-24XSEDEPARTIAL120
IDM-01: Register with a community2018-08-242018-08-24XSEDEFULL200
IDM-02: Login to a community’s user portal with a community username and password2017-11-222017-11-22XSEDEFULL200
IDM-03: Change a community user profile2018-08-242018-08-24XSEDEFULL200
IDM-04: Login to a community’s user portal with an identity from another organization2017-11-22XSEDEPARTIAL201
IDM-05: Link or unlink an identity from another organization2018-08-252018-08-25XSEDEFULL100
IDM-06: Login to a web application or science gateway with a community identity2018-08-252018-08-25XSEDEPARTIAL101
IDM-07: Login to a locally installed application with a community identity2018-08-252018-08-25XSEDEPARTIAL102
IDM-08: Login to a locally installed application with an SSH/X.509 key2018-09-052018-09-05XSEDENONE001
IDM-11: Use a community identity for InCommon authentication2017-04-062018-07-24XSEDEFULL300
IDM-12: Single sign-on across community OpenStack resources2018-09-052018-09-05XSEDEPARTIAL201
IDM-13: Authenticate to a resource’s OpenStack API2017-11-16XSEDEPARTIAL201
IDM-14: SSH access using a community identity for education2017-11-16XSEDENONE000
IDM-15: Lookup affiliated institutions for a community identity2019-10-032019-10-03XSEDEPARTIAL010
IDM-16: Obtain affiliated institutions when an individual logs in to a service2019-10-022020-05-04XSEDEFULL200
IDM-17: Obtain a high-assurance X.509 certificate2020-03-11XSEDEFULL100
P2-01: Establish an Allocations Process2018-08-27XSEDEFULL000
P2-02: Establish allocation review panel2018-08-272018-08-27XSEDEFULL000
P2-03: Add resources to allocations process2018-08-272018-08-27XSEDEFULL000
P2-04: Establish an allocation Submission Opportunity2018-08-272018-08-27XSEDEFULL000
P2-05: Submission of Allocation Request2018-08-272018-08-27XSEDEFULL000
P2-06: Manage review of Submissions to an Allocations Opportunity2018-08-272018-08-27XSEDEFULL000
P2-07: Submission of a Review2018-08-272018-08-27XSEDEFULL000
P2-08: Award or reject allocation request2018-08-272018-08-27XSEDEFULL000
P2-09: Allocation data reporting and access2018-08-272018-08-27XSEDEPARTIAL001
P2-10: Customize allocation request data fields2018-08-272018-08-27XSEDEPARTIAL001
RC-01: Participate in a research discussion forum2017-11-28XSEDEFULL100
RC-02: Manage usage within an allocation2017-11-30XSEDENONE000
RC-03: Install software on a resource for use by a research community2018-11-302018-11-30XSEDEFULL400
RC-04: Find where a specific application or service is available within the system2018-12-07XSEDEFULL300
RC-05: Request a software installation2019-09-202019-09-20XSEDEFULL200
RC-06: Find a software container that will help set up a specific runtime environment2019-10-23XSEDEFULL300
RC-07: Use a container to create a specific runtime environment on a resource2019-10-23XSEDEFULL100
RC-08: Access a repository of files from a compute resource administered by a service provider2019-10-242019-10-24XSEDEPARTIAL310
RC-09: Access a repository of files from a cloud resource administered by the researcher2019-10-022019-10-02XSEDENONE010
RC-10: Create or modify the contents of a repository that will be accessed on many resources2019-10-252019-10-25XSEDENONE010
SGW-01: Acquire credentials that allow use of community resources2016-11-222018-08-25XSEDEPARTIAL101
SGW-02: Transfer files to and from a community resource2018-08-232018-08-23XSEDEPARTIAL411
SGW-03: Run an application on a community resourceNO CDP
SGW-04: Enable gateway users to transfer files to or from a community resource2016-06-08XSEDEPARTIAL621
SGW-05: Obtain information about a community resource2021-08-02XSEDEFULL400
SGW-06: Estimate when a job submitted to a community resource is likely to finish2017-11-17XSEDEFULL000
SGW-07: Retrieve user specific information using user credentials2020-01-31XSEDEFULL300
SPI-01: Resource integration console2017-03-29XSEDEFULL100
SPI-02: Guided resource discovery2017-04-07XSEDEFULL100
SPI-03: View all resource information2017-03-29XSEDEFULL300
SPI-04: Access resource information from an application2017-02-24XSEDEFULL100
SPI-05: Active account information2017-06-062019-01-31XSEDEFULL100
SPI-06: Emergency account suspension2017-05-032019-01-31XSEDEFULL000
SPI-07: Enable a research community to install software on a resource2018-11-302018-11-30XSEDEFULL200
SPI-08: Register availability of a specific application or service for use2018-12-072020-11-02XSEDEFULL500
SPI-09: Test a system for vulnerabilities using an automated service2019-10-242019-10-24XSEDEPARTIAL010
SPI-10: Obtain expert help with resolving a system vulnerability2019-10-242019-10-24XSEDEPARTIAL010
SPI-11: Host a repository of files so it can be accessed on many resources and manually populated by authorized individuals2019-10-252019-10-25XSEDENONE010
SPI-12: Host a repository of files so it can be accessed on many resources and automatically populated2019-10-252019-10-25XSEDENONE010
SPI-13: Configure a service to use high-assurance X.509 certificates for user access2020-03-11XSEDEFULL100
SPI-14: Report resource usage against allocations2020-03-202020-03-20XSEDEFULL200
SPI-15: Configure notifications regarding resource allocations and individual users2020-03-202020-03-20XSEDEFULL200
SPI-16: Scan a moderated service provider forum for a solution to a problem other SPs are likely to have had2021-03-23XSEDEPARTIAL201
SPI-17: Push an alert or information to resource users via a web interface2020-11-252020-11-25XSEDENONE010
SPI-18: Offer a web interface for a community resource2020-11-252020-11-25XSEDENONE010
SW-01: Automate a project using a workflow managerNO CDP
SW-03: Share an existing scientific workflow with other researchersNO CDP
TS-03: Scan a moderated researcher forum for a solution to a problem other researcher are likely to have had2021-03-23XSEDEPARTIAL201
TS-04: Share a read-only view of a remote desktop session with someone else2020-11-252020-11-25XSEDENONE010
VIS-01: Visualize research data using streaming video2018-08-312018-08-31XSEDEFULL100
VIS-02: Visualize research data using streaming geometry data2018-08-312018-08-31XSEDEFULL100
VIS-03: Generate visualization data for later viewing2018-08-262018-08-26XSEDEFULL300
VIS-04: Visualize and steer a simulation running on a remote resource2018-08-312018-08-31XSEDEFULL100
VIS-05: Visualize a simulation as it runs on a remote resource2018-08-312018-08-31XSEDEFULL100
VIS-06: Visualize research data using a web application2018-08-312018-08-31XSEDEFULL100