Consistent CSA base directory name?

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Consistent CSA base directory name?

It might make it easier for CSA owners if the SPs consistently name the base directory of their CSA area as 'community' or 'csa'.  The location might be different from site to site but seems like the base directory name could be consistently named.

Hey Shava,

Given this generalized path structure: <base_directory>/<csa_name>/...

Are you suggesting that all SPs use the same <base_directory> path such as /community/<csa_name> or /csa/<csa_name>?

The idea of standard paths has always been controversial since TeraGrid and we eventually had to give up on the idea in favor of using CUE environment variable. 

Would a standard CUE variable address your concern?

Another approach that CUE owners can take is to define variables in the CSA software modules. Once a module is loaded, both users and software can use environment variables to be insulated from actual paths.



Hi JP,

Yes an environment variable would be fine.  As we noted earlier, the activity description has included a deliverable "CSA Operations and SP Documentation".  Addressing that there and in the "XUP CSA documentation page" should be sufficient.


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