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FYI - Another usage data point

This is an FYI, not a comment on the design doc. Feel free to consider it automatically resolved.

Just this morning, by happy coincidence, I received an annual update on usage for Globus Auth, and it included this data point:

  • Globus Auth processed approx. 41k OIDC logins using the XSEDE IDP ( in the past year. This total does not include the XSEDE User Portal's username/password (aka "2-legged") authentications. So that's a rough average of 3.4k logins/month using the XSEDE 3-legged OIDC IDP. 

We know from our XSEDE Globus Auth usage reports that there are typically 10k-11k XUP logins/month using the 2-legged username/password method.

For 3-legged OIDC logins, the XSEDE Web SSO usage data varies between 1k-2k logins/month depending on the academic season. The difference between this and the 3.4k logins/month above is accounted for by people using the XSEDE IDP to authenticate to applications other than the XSEDE applications for which we receive usage reports. (Those include Globus's web app.) Please bear in mind that this is logins, not unique users, so it isn't directly relevant to the Duo enrollment question in section E.1.1.

Thanks, that averages out to under 5 logins per hour, so I think there's no concern for E.2.10 (Performance requirements). I'll add the stats to that section for reference.

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