How to test collections

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How to test collections

Hi Jim,

I just noticed Test 3 references resources Gordon and Comet, both that no longer active endpoints.  Do you know if there is another resource we can use on  I searched for 'XSEDE' endpoints didn't see anything that looked like a good candidate.


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Hi Shava,

XSEDE Comet endpoint ia still alive so that I can access it using my account.

I can see this on XSEDE collection on the globus file transfer.

It's info is as follows:

Endpoint UUID: e0354e4d-83a1-11e7-b1d5-22000bcb881e

Legacy Name: xsede#e0354e4d-83a1-11e7-b1d5-22000bcb881e


Choonhan Youn

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