Leverage some testing team effort

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Leverage some testing team effort

Since this is an evaluation effort and we have some availability in the testing team currently, I would recommend leveraging 1 or 2 members of the team for this.

Also, RDA might be a good place to look for references to metadata tools.  During eResearch Australia last week there were several Australian tools mentioned like CSIRO's Data Access Portal @ https://data.csiro.au/ and RAID @ https://www.raid.org.au/.

Delivery Effort Stage: 

Shava, have you used these tools on XSEDE, or know of someone who has?

It seems to me that a straightforward review or evaluation is reasonable by end of December,  but I'm curious if there some specific examples or particular issues that someone(s) have experienced.


This is a really good point, and I'm not sure if we have traceability to any specific meta-data related user needs. I'm going to see if Lee Liming, our lead requirements engineer, has any insight on this. Do you have any thoughts on whether there are any glaring meta-data management needs that XSEDE could help fill?

Are there any tools that users are using, such as Globus Publishing, that XSEDE should adopt and formally support?



Unfortunately, no.  Just have heard of periodic updates on RDA efforts and talks/demos at eResearch conference.

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