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I reviewed all of review input documents.

  • The "Introduction" and "User guide" documents are the same. I think we need to get one document at here. For example, Getting started guide.
  • The "Developer Tools" section in The "Introduction" and "User guide" documents has the broken link. In the sentence, "XSEDE provides the XSEDE Globus ID Explorer application .......", the link, shows “Not Found” page.
  • While testing the #3 test case in the "Acceptance test plan" document, I got the error message, "429 Too Many Requests" on the web browser. It happened one time. When reloading it on the web browser, it was gone. Please see my screenshot in this google doc.
  • All of the three test cases in the "Acceptance test plan" document were performed successfully. I could see all of the specified test results. The test log is in here.


Choonhan Youn

Delivery Effort Stage: 

The correct link for XSEDE Globus ID Explorer is  

The page Choonhan is referring to is a page on the XSEDE website. I'll contact the web team to fix the link. I'll also check the application developer doc to see if it has the wrong link as well, and fix it if so.

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