Vendor Software and Services

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Common Namesort descending Standard Name Vendor Vendor Software URL
Information Publishing Framework (IPF) org.access-ci.operations.ipf XSEDE
Information Services XSEDE
Jetstream Cloud Portal and Atmosphere Interface org.jetstream-cloud Jetstream Project
JIRA com.atlassian.jira Atlassian
Kerberos MIT
moodle org.moodle Moodle HQ
MyProxy org.uiuc.ncsa.myproxy NCSA
OAuth for MyProxy (OA4MP) org.uiuc.ncsa.oa4mp NCSA
Open OnDemand org.openondemand Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC)
Open XDMod CCR at Univ. of Buffalo
OpenSSH com.openssh OpenBSD
Pegasus edu.isi.pegasus The Pegasus Project
QuantumEspresso org.quantum-espresso Quantum Espresso community
RabbitMQ org.rabbitmq Pivotal
Request Tracker (RT) com.bestpractical.rt Best Practical
Research Software Portal (RSP) org.xsede.rsp XSEDE
Resource Description Repository (RDR) org.xsede.rdr XSEDE
Shibboleth net.shibboleth Internet2
Singularity Container Platform