accessusage package v0.5 is now available for SPs

Aug 18, 2022

The accessusage command-line tool reports allocation information for a given user such as total SUs awarded as well as SUs used and remaining for each of their allocations. The accessusage tool replaces the XSEDE xdusage tool, is written in Python, and is compatible with the XSEDE accounting API and the new ACCESS accounting API. The new accessusage deployment plan is available at:

All Level 1 and 2 Service Providers (SPs) are asked to deploy this new accessusage version 0.5 by August 31. The XSEDE Allocations, Accounting, and Account Management (A3M) group will copy over the current XSEDE accounting database on August 23 and upgrade it to the new accounting database, which will then receive all new accounting data. The XSEDE accounting database will be put in read-only mode and will not receive new data anymore. Since the XSEDE accounting API will be shut down on August 31, the accessusage tool should be installed before August 31. Researchers can start using accessusage immediately as it is compatible with both the XSEDE and ACCESS accounting APIs.