Globus releases version 3.0 of its CLI

Oct 4, 2021

Globus has released a 3.0 version of its command-line interface, the Globus CLI. Globus is used throughout XSEDE for file transfers to and from XSEDE resources. Globus's web application is an easy-to-use, adaptive and responsive, mobile-friendly web interface for the Globus service. The Globus CLI is a command-line interface that allows most features of the Globus service to be scripted and used in data automation systems. Using the CLI, you can search for Globus collections by name or attributes and, with appropriate authorization, list directory contents, start transfers between collections, create and manage permissions on guest collections, and more. For a brief introduction to data automation using the Globus CLI, see this YouTube video.

New and improved features in version 3.0 of the Globus CLI include: support for Globus Connect Server version 5, profile switching, listing groups you belong to, a simpler interface for specifying file lists, and improved token storage.

If you already have the Globus CLI installed, update to the new version with the `globus update` command, or start fresh by following the installation instructions. Details of the new features are provided in a Globus blog post. You can read a full list of all of the changes in the Globus CLI Changelog, and all CLI commands support the `--help` flag to see more info.

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