New XSEDE Community Software Repository Tool

Oct 31, 2016

The XSEDE Community Software Repository (XCSR) is a new service and tool catalog made available to the national research community to facilitate connecting resources, software, and services into the broader cyberinfrastructure ecosystem.

Starting November 1, software developers and resource/services operators can use the XCSR to discover:

  1. Use cases that drive XSEDE’s current and future software,
  2. What software is available for users of XSEDE federated resources,
  3. What software is available for XSEDE federated resource providers to install,
  4. What software is available for unfederated campus operators to install.

Over the coming months the XCSR will be enhanced to enable:

  • Those not previously part of the NSF community to install, advertise, and maintain their software in XSEDE,
  • Discovery of efforts to make new software available thru XSEDE in the future,
  • Discovery of software available for users of portals, gateways, and unfederated campus resources,
  • Discovery of XSEDE operated central services available for users and developers,
  • Discovery of software available for portals and science gateways to use.

To access the XCSR please visit:

Please send feedback on how to make the XCSR a more effective tool to

— The XSEDE Community Infrastructure Team (XCI)