REVIEW-70: XCI-419 Gateway attribute submission improvements for 2018 - Test Readiness Review


XSEDE requires all gateways to report the number of unique users per quarter who have executed jobs on XSEDE resources. This is a key metric that XSEDE in turn reports to the NSF. Compliance with this requirement justifies XSEDE's investment in the science gateway community. XSEDE has previously collected this information using a gateway attribute submit command-line tool that SPs install.  This activity delivers a new gateway attribute submit API that enables science gateways to directly submit the needed job attributes and does not rely on a SP installed command-line tool. 

This test readiness review is a lightweight review of the written materials and will then be followed by testing (of the proposed test plan).

Review Output Documents (Final)


Review Input Documents


Review Criteria

Documentation and deployment instructions: The deployment plan for this CI on XSEDE is clearly described as well as the user instructions.

Test environment and facilities: The test environment needed to adequately to validate this component is described. Should indicate also whether testing can be performed within a VM and if not, the reasons for it.

Assumptions: Lists any assumptions needed before testing can begin (e.g., accounts needed).

Test procedures, cases, and scenarios: Lists the tests that should be run or an associated test suite and expected performance metrics if applicable.

Defect, issue, and risk reporting: Test plans should include defect and issue reporting information. T


Current Date: 2024-05-19
Current Status: Closed (Test Readiness Review)
Target Date Actual Date Activity Milestone
  2019-06-10 Review launch date
2019-06-17 Written feedback due (Reviewers)
2019-06-19 2019-07-08 Written response date (Review Material Developers)
2019-06-21 2019-07-08 Final approval due and completion date (Reviewers)
Review Created: 2019-04-18 12:56 pm
Review Last Updated: 2019-07-08 11:13 pm



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  • John-Paul Navarro
    VIEWED: 2019-06-18 18:23
    SIGNED: 2019-06-14 17:34
  • Choonhan Youn
    VIEWED: 2019-06-27 16:43
    SIGNED: 2019-06-14 18:21


  • Robert Quick
    VIEWED: 2019-06-20 13:11
    SIGNED: 2019-06-17 15:53
  • Gary Rogers
    VIEWED: 2019-07-26 16:28
    SIGNED: 2019-07-26 16:27
  • Michael Shapiro

Review Material Developers

Amit Chourasia
Scott Sakai
Shava Smallen

Review Facilitator

Shava Smallen


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