CI-01: Access system information

Executive Summary: 
A community member needs to access specific information about the public research computing environment. Several specific examples of this general need follow. (a) A researcher has been invited to participate in a use case review. (b) An application developer or a service provider needs to find under-served use cases in order to offer something of value to the community. (c) A researcher, an application developer, or a service provider needs to know which use cases are currently being worked on in order to avoid duplicating effort. (d) A researcher, a service provider, an application developer, or a campus IT administrator needs to find software for a particular use. (e) A researcher needs to find a service provider who offers a particular service.
User Importance Summary: 
The public research computing environment should be open and extensible: a "community infrastructure." In order to use and participate in this environment, community members (researchers, application developers, service providers, campus IT administrators) must be able to access details about the system’s design, implementation status, and the driving user needs.
Target Communities and Sizes: 
Researchers - 10,000 < N < 100,000 Educators - 100,000 < N < 1,000,000 Application developers - 100 < N < 1,000 Campus IT administrators - 100 < N < 1,000 Service providers - 10 < N < 100 XSEDE staff members - 10 < N < 100